Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

This is not a long post, but one I felt I needed to write. Be aware, it is more personal than professional--as his death hits home.

Robin Williams had an amazing skill that is necessary for our educators and students today. Robin Williams was a mastermind at improvisation, he could change his voice, his personality, and his words to enhance any situation. Such amazing skills are needed when we teach students ANY subject. Let's remember to help our students come out of their shells, be silly, and run with their mistakes.

As a former comedian myself, the news of his passing really hurts. We do improv comedy using the "greats" as our models, Williams often topping that list. But oh, if I could count how many "outgoing", "funny", and "creative" people I've met that battle depression or some type of derivative (self-harm, eating disorder, bipolar, drug abuse, etc.)...

As an educator, I am an extra set of eyes to look for signs that might be stemming from a health issue such as those above. I am also an extra set of arms to give hugs, handshakes, and high fives. Both are necessary if we are going to help.

I tell my students that I pray for them--because really, that is the most important thing anyone can do for someone else. Robin William's death is a reminder that no one is immune to sin's hold. Be careful (and I am speaking to myself as well), nothing in life is worthwhile if it is not through Jesus Christ.

I've been down that road and if it had not been for that moment I sat in my kitchen February 2010 where I admitted to myself and to God that I actually 100% believe that Jesus Christ is God and that I would have to live my for Him and not my own pleasures... it could have been me as the deceased comedian. Praise the Lord that we all still have a chance RIGHT NOW to realize how small we are and that there is a loving God (Jesus Christ) that doesn't want us to be hurt. And if you have questions about what I am talking about, please feel free to email me and/or visit this page HERE.

I don't know William's relationship with the Lord, I hope he knew Him. And I pray Christ is glorified as He comforts his family, friends, and the world through the loss of a very inspirational man.

P.S. And I hate to have to write this but we all know what the internet is like. If you have a negative comment to say, please reconsider as people mourn this man's passing. If you still want to mention something to me that might be taken negatively, please contact me privately.

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