Friday, August 22, 2014

3 Tips for Successful Students!

When I followed God's call to be a full-time tutor, He didn't provide me with a magic lamp with a genie ready to grant me 3 wishes...

So here are my 3 tips/wishes I have for all of my students!

My elementary kids are usually pretty good with this one. Have your paper and pencils lined up before I walk through the door. Be ready to hand me your homework and/or if you had questions, those questions written out. Use my time!!! I am a willing resource! Please ask me questions, tell me your silly story that helped get you through the day, and ALWAYS have extra batteries for your calculator, pens, graphing paper, etc. If we finish our lesson early, you better believe I'm gonna push you to the next level! :)

2. Have a positive attitude!
When I walk into a room and you greet me with a big smile and telling me a joke you heard...Man! That is CONTAGIOUS! We'll be making math puns all through geometry! And even when it is "one of those days," we can still have a great session! I have wiped away a few tears before a session starts and I know what it is like to just need to BREATHE! Just be honest with me and I'll do what I can to help you succeed and push through our tutoring session so you're as successful as YOU can be! :)

3. Be willing!
In order to tutor with me, the student must be willing to be tutored, have a desire to try, and be respectful. A willingness to learn, explore, and be creative is NECESSARY for life-long success. At some point, every single student (not their parent, friend, teacher, etc. but his/herself!) must realize that if he/she is going to succeed, he/she has to work for it.

And as a student of life, I hold myself accountable for those three tips as well!

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