Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The GIFT of Dyslexia

Hey ya'll! (I'm becoming southern!)

As some of you may or may not know, I was tested for dyslexia in college after years of struggling with reading. Even though I was an honor roll student throughout high school and college, I still struggled to study because reading gave me headaches and my writing often flip flopped itself.

When I was tested, not only did I have some dyslexic qualities but also leaned toward ADHD! And to top it all off, some of my quirky habits were actually attributed to OCD. Phew! All of sudden, everything made sense in my academic career.

I thought everyone's eyes darted rapidly back and forth while reading a small text. I thought everyone needed to readjust themselves in their seat every 10 seconds. I thought everyone needed to scratch their fingers at a perfect rhythm while typing. Welp, guess not! Haha!

I learned to overcome a lot of my struggles on my own through my desire to succeed. My mild cases of each of the above categories was a true blessing in disguise. As a tutor, I work with many brilliant students! Some of them showing their success in academics and others not so much. The Tutor House had a great interview with Beth Shier (working with the Davis Learning Strategies). This great center helps students with learning difficulties and reading problems. From there, I took their advice and bought the book The Gift of Dyslexia by Ron Davis.

What an amazing book! Every single description I totally connected with! The way the explain symptoms and the brilliance of this learning difference shows the beauty that can be achieved by people that use their brain differently! I bought this book to help a student who has a few dyslexic tendencies. and it sure is FUN!

I am in NO way connected to the Davis Learning Strategies site or company. I just needed to review their book because of the brilliance of their book! Check out the webinar posted by The Tutor House to learn more about how people with dyslexia and other learning differences think.

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  1. I am so glad that you connected with this book! I would say most of my students have a few of the "quirky" things that Davis describes in his book. So GOOD! Thank you for the shout out too. It was definitely one of those life changing moments for me.