Monday, April 14, 2014

Jam Session

"Monday Monday gettin' down on Monday! Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekdays..."
I'm a master parody writer if you couldn't tell... Check it out for some laughs at my youtube channel: G-Iron Science HERE.

I really enjoy music. I started writing parodies for fun in high school. I am no Weird Al or some talented musician (especially in the singing department haha), but it is very relaxing. I'll grab an old textbook, open Word, and find a fun song.

I haven't written a parody in a while, but something I did have is a jam session over the weekend! I may be a California girl from El Salvador, but I love me some good ol' bluegrass gospel!

My friend Caitlin and I have a standing date every other week to play some good ol' gospel songs together! She plays the guitar and I play the 5-string banjo (I also have a guitar I am trying to play). We were caught jamming at church after service by our pastor's wife.

Turned out we were wearing the exact same sweater! We're already coordinating costumes haha
My goal is to write original science songs someday. I am not much of a music writer, so until then parodies will have to do! If you think of any good song ideas or songs that are not originally vulgar or distasteful, let me know! I haven't written a song in about a year!

Here are some of my videos currently up on youtube if you want to check them out!

*I have changed my standard for the songs that I parody. Some of the songs I have up were chosen because they are fun and upbeat, but I do not condone some of the original lyrics nor the actions of the artists*

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