Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm Not a Great Tutor

I'm not a great tutor.

Before a test or final as I pack up my things from a session; I turn to my students to let them know that I will be praying for their exam. And the wonders of this past week have shown me that I am not responsible for my students' successes.

I praise God He has allowed me to retain knowledge from my past and given me the ability to share it in an engaging manner. And I praise Him for helping my students recall information and apply it. No, I cannot say that I am the reason why my students are rocking A's and B's this semester.

This past week has been our revival week. Two nights ago, our guest preacher Bro. Darrell Hayes spoke about how we need to just trust Christ that everything will work according to His plan for our good. And I can say that this message has wrung true on so many different levels with my students.

I want my students to know that when I say I will pray for their test, exam, quiz, etc. I am praying for more than just that. I cannot enter a business endeavor with someone without lifting them up for a blessing. Because my students are such huge blessings to me!

If you are one of my students please know that I pray for your grades, your health, your safety, your family, your future goals, any specific requests that you tell me, and most importantly, that you would trust in Christ wholeheartedly as Savior.

I do this in private, I do this alone, and I keep my specific prayers only between the Lord and me. You are not alone in your journey through education. You have a prayer warrior any time of day in someone unexpected--your tutor.

Because I am not responsible for your success, no, I lead you to the One who gives the entire victory :)

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