Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Activity!

I have a student who always says, "No, I don't want to do that!" It doesn't matter what the activity is. Her mom has hired me to help her in Language Arts and Science (occasionally Social Studies). She just has a "no" attitude. I'm sure you have a few of those students yourself!

When I studied to get my Masters, we used fancy terms like "cooperative learning" and "scaffolding". But let's be real, I have to trick her into learning! Even if I say the word "read" she automatically pouts and does not want to do anything. So yesterday I had to do an impromptu activity.
My improvisational comedy career really does help with teaching!

I saw some blank sheets of paper and knew we had to practice our adjectives and spelling words. So a quick tutorial later, we made these:

They are Mother's Day Origami hearts! They were so easy to make and before I knew it, we were spelling words, and even added a verb section (because my student wanted!).

On the left flap we wrote adjectives that describe our moms--"Smart" "Pretty" and "Awesome". On the other flap we wrote and drew verbs--so activities we want to do with our moms--"Sing together" "Buy stuff together" and "Draw together".

And on the inside we drew and wrote big vocabulary words that describe a situation that has or will happen with our moms. My student turned in the inside into an airplane with different airline words.

This was such a fun and easy activity! With CRCT over and only a couple weeks until the end of school, we really needed to come up with something fun to keep everything we've learned all year in our brains!

Watch the link below or click the picture to follow the tutorial I used to make these adorable origami hearts!

Easy origami hearts for Mother's Day!

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